Hi, I'm Jenna! 

And that sweet Little Babe in my arms, is Everett. 

My pride.

My joy.

and the very inspiration behind everything that is Little Babes. 

Becoming a new mom in the small town of Rhinelander, WI I was left frustrated by the pure lack of trendy clothes for my little man along with a lack of options for all the things a new mom needs most such as nursing clothing, diaper bags, and more. 

Having always dreamed of being a mom AND a business owner, I couldn't think of a better fit than a boutique for the very thing my hometown was lacking. 

Little Babes opened its doors in downtown Rhinelander in early summer of 2022 and has since expanded to an online presence after numerous requests to do so. 

I genuinely hope that you enjoy the unique and trendy options for you and your Little Babe and if I can help you with anything along the way, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Happy shopping! 

xx Jenna